Simone Leigh. Queen Bee. 2008. Terracotta, graphite, T.V. antennae, epoxy, wire

Leaving Egypt: a group exhibition curated by Eric Charest- Weinberg.

Bhakti Baxter, George Sánchez-Calderón, John Espinosa, Jay Hines, Simone Leigh, Beatriz Monteavaro

The holiday of Passover is known as the “Season of our Freedom,” alluding to more than just the Jews’ freedom from enslavement in Egypt thousands of years ago: it invokes the true freedom of each and every person in all times and places Spiritual enslavement — the Hebrew word for Egypt (Mitzayim- Metzar) being etymologically related to “straits and limitations” — can come about from without as well as from within: A person may be enslaved to the mores of his society, or he may be a slave to his own passions. Passover is the time to free ourselves from these limitations and let our souls shine, and empower us to be who we are.

Opening: April 9th, 2011 from 7:30 PM to 10:30PM
Maor Gallery- 3030 NE 2nd Ave. Miami FL, 33137
In view April 9 – May 31
Open bar – Passover tunes – Free and open to the public
Information: 305.573.9995

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