What is Maor?

Maor is a gathering place, a dynamic, vibrant center for Jewish spiritual growth and discovery that offers poignant and relevant programs combining spirituality and art within the urban social milieu, in a tone that is engaging and exciting.
In Kabbalistic parlance, the Maor is the luminary, the source of all light and the place to which all light gravitates. There are far flung sparks scattered all around us and within us. Maor gathers these sparks together. It is a space devoted to acceptance and growth, a place where we can come together as a community to discover our common roots, and where we can come together as individuals to become more attuned to our inner selves.

Maor awakens the soul. Experiencing the infinite empowers you to transcend the limits of earthly life. The programs and lectures at Maor bring awareness of the soul to the forefront of our consciousness, and provide spiritual inspiration grounded in practical tools for meaningful living.

Creative expression is a cornerstone of the human experience and of Jewish spirituality. It opens the mind to new perspectives and presents unique and unexpected mediums for self improvement. Discovering spiritual concepts through art in Maor’s gallery exhibitions and art programs opens a new dimension for the exploration and comprehension of the ideas and values that shape our lives.

The entire tapestry of programs and experiences to be had at Maor carry a common thread: They are conducted with a positive and optimistic attitude, and with an openness and acceptance in which all participants are embraced. And we make every effort to keep it light — to check our egos at the door, and to not take ourselves too seriously.

What is Maor? Soul + Art + Light. A space. An experience.